Ear Acupuncture

The Nada Protocol and more

Why choose Ear Acupuncture?

Ear Acupuncture is as effective as any other acupuncture. It is often integrated within a regular treatment but often used alone.  There are several reasons why acupuncture is applied only to the ears. For example, there simply isn’t enough time or space to do the whole body.  Sometimes patients don’t want acupuncture anywhere else. Often it’s less expensive than a full body treatment and other times that is all you need.  Within the ear there lies a microsystem of the entire body.  When you take a closer look at the ear it can appear like an upside down fetus. The head is the ear lobe the spine is the curvature that runs up and curls back around.  Every system of the body is laid out on this map. All of the organs, skeleton, hands and feet even the eyes correspond to a point on the ear. Needles are placed based on these strategic locations depending on what’s being treated.

What's the NADA protocol?

The NADA protocol was developed by Dr. Michael Smith in the mid 1970’s at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, NY.  He simplified auricular treatments to only 5 points that are now proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of addictions.  NADA stands for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association and it was founded in 1985 by the doctor himself and his colleagues who were searching for new ways to integrate alternative options for those who suffered from cravings and withdrawal symptoms of narcotic drugs. Patients treated with this technique have reported a great improvement in their sense of well-being. Some said they feel energized, lighter and relaxed.  Many studies documented the benefits of NADA and it is often used with other treatment methods such as counseling and support groups.

What else is NADA good for?

Since it has such a powerful effect in reducing cravings of narcotics, NADA is great to help reduce nicotine cravings, sugar cravings, diet soda cravings or any other craving that one might have. It is one thing to have the willpower to resist, but wouldn’t it be much-much better if there is no craving at all? It is also good for reducing general anxiety, hopelessness, or extreme stress such as PTSD. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

NADA disclaimer

NADA is simply a technique to relax the body and the mind. Cravings and habits are not annihilated with this technique; it is simply used in conjunction with other means to help reduce the anxiety that comes with the withdrawal.  For example, a smoker will only be able to kick the habit if he or she is first of all determined to do so themselves, as opposed to merely following the wishes of someone else, and he or she has a good support system as well.  For lasting results one may or may not need other types of interventions, such as nicotine patches and definite lifestyle modifications.

NADA is worldwide

This protocol is often used in emergencies such as the aftermath of a disaster. Volunteers go to the site administering this treatment to help ease the suffering of the victims during this extremely stressful situation.  It is quick and easy to administer, many people can be treated at the same time, everyone gets the same treatment eliminating confusion, only basic questions need be asked such as history of fainting, it is extremely effective and people can receive it fully clothed and sitting upright in close quarters.

Ear seeds?

Ear seeds are a non invasive way to extend an acupuncture treatment. They are small metal balls placed on the ears to stimulate the function of certain points. If they don’t fall off by themselves they need to be removed after a few days.