Essential Oils

Treat yourself to a delight while reaping the benefits of nature

Essential oils are more than a nice fragrance. Their use is not only for aromatherapy, for they have profound healing properties. These essences are extracted from flowers, peels, resins, barks, or leaves. They contain the deepest reflections of nature with the ability to transfer their virtues into our own primal sources. Essential oils can help reflect on our own lives, and aid the mind into deep meditation.  They can alleviate pain, relieve sorrow, and conquer sadness or depression. Some lift our moods or calm the heart, and others warm the middle to aid digestion. This approach will move your soul.

How are the essences selected?

The essences are selected according to their properties, functions and how well they work together in treating your condition.

How do they work?

The use of essential oils is based on the same principles as acupuncture.  A small amount of the selected oil is placed on acupuncture points or meridians to penetrate the skin. After the application of the oil, the practitioner will either use acupressure, acupuncture or massage to complete the treatment.  What exactly will be done depends on your condition and on our mutual agreement.

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