Why Karta?

Karta has gone through extensive and rigorous training of self-cultivation. Her journey took a turn in 1999 when she reevaluated her life. From this point on she devoted herself to her spiritual practice by following the teachings of Kundalini Yoga which ultimately guided her to the practice of holistic medicine. This shifted her mindset not only to better herself, but to learn how to facilitate you in bettering yourself. One of her specialties is teaching how to shift your perspective on aspects of your life that don’t serve you, and how to implement lasting changes with Ease.  In 2007 she had gone through the Momentum Education training which further strengthened the already existing basic characters of a self-sensory human. A self-sensory human can be anyone who practices mindfulness and lives within the realms of higher consciousness. She now shares the teachings of Yogi Bhajan Ph.D., by teaching in various locations throughout New York City. Happiness is our birthright and we can be happy by choice, and every single moment we can have a fresh start by willingly choosing the circumstances and facilities of our own lives. Trough every single breath we can experience our own elementary true self, and feel pure contentment that radiates from within. Sat Nam.


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